Meet our employees

PATRIZIA was established in Denmark in 2012 and started out with two people sitting around a table. Our office in Adelgade in the city centre of Copenhagen now provides the everyday setting for 27 employees. PATRIZIA Denmark covers the entire value chain – from investment to administration and asset management. That means that we need many different skills and profiles. You can meet some of our employees from the various departments here.

CharlotteCharlotte Svalgaard

Asset Manager, Residential
Joined PATRIZIA Denmark in July 2014

As Asset Manager, Residential, Charlotte Svalgaard is responsible for sales and letting of apartments in PATRIZIA Denmark’s residential properties in the Copenhagen area. She also ensures that the properties are developed in line with the strategy for each individual business case.

As a chartered estate agent and valuer, Charlotte is in daily contact with the estate agents who are engaged in letting and selling PATRIZIA Denmark’s wide range of properties around the city. Her duties include everything from the production of sales brochures and lease contracts to the pricing of apartments.

She works closely together with her colleagues in the Property Management department, who is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the properties. This is a department that Charlotte is extremely familiar with, as she started her career with PATRIZIA Denmark as a Property Manager in the summer of 2014, making a valuable contribution to its development. After two years, Charlotte moved to her current position, which gives her the opportunity to draw on her considerable experience in private property and she is continuously actively developing new skills.

You’re always welcome to express your views. You’re never far from the top and the management is always open to new ideas

Johanne Stald

Property Manager
Joined PATRIZIA Denmark in December 2013

No two tenants or owners are alike, and similarly there are rarely two days alike for Johanne Stald, who is a Property Manager at PATRIZIA. She is responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of a number of commercial and residential properties in central Copenhagen. This includes collecting rents, resolving any problems in the properties, making up accounts and ensuring that general meetings are held in the various owners’ associations.

Johanne, who was previously an estate agent and case worker in a large agency chain, began her career with PATRIZIA in December 2013 as a Property Manager Assistant. Rather unusual, she was given the opportunity to work with both residential and commercial property, which has given her an insight into what it means to manage both types of properties. A year and a half ago she was promoted to Property Manager and is still working with both private and commercial tenants. Her duties include responsibility for the “Havnehusene” residential property in Christianshavn and a commercial property containing both office and retail premises on Købmagergade.

As part of her everyday duties, Johanne works closely with the four other Property Managers and her colleagues in Asset Management, which looks after the long-term development of the properties. This ensures that everyone is familiar with the various properties, enabling them to provide a good service to tenants.

The management at PATRIZIA Denmark is very open and receptive to your wishes. And there are lots of opportunities for training and development.

DSC_6524Jakob De Linde

Business Analyst, Nordic Region
Joined PATRIZIA in January 2016

An ordinary working week for Business Analyst Jakob de Linde typically involves a few days at PATRIZIA’s head office in the German town of Augsburg or at the office in Helsinki, where PATRIZIA is also investing in property. He spends the rest of the week at the office in Adelgade where he is responsible for a number of internal and external projects.

As part of his duties, Jakob regularly sources the market for new business areas in the Nordic Region which might provide attractive investment opportunities for PATRIZIA and he is responsible for the development of Nordic funds. He is also involved in developing, streamlining and maximising internal processes for PATRIZIA’s Nordic division, which was set up in 2012 and is therefore still in the process of establishing procedures. As a Business Analyst, he works closely together with colleagues throughout Europe.

Before joining PATRIZIA, Jakob, who holds an MSc in Business Administration from Aarhus University, was working in corporate finance at an investment bank with a focus on real estate.

The working culture at the Nordic offices is very entrepreneurial. We’re always developing by constantly looking into the future and keeping abreast of what’s going on in the market.

LouiseLouise Kjær Danielsen

Joined PATRIZIA Denmark in November 2015

As Controller, Louise Kjær Danielsen, together with her colleagues in the Finance & Accounting department, plays an important role in purchasing, sales and management of PATRIZIA Denmark’s properties in the Copenhagen area. This means that she works closely together with her colleagues in the company’s three other departments: Asset Management, Property Management and Investment Management.

Louise, who has a Graduate Diploma in accounting, organisation and management, is responsible for drawing up monthly reports, budgets and annual reports for many of the residential and commercial properties that PATRIZIA Denmark has invested in, including Teglholm Havnepark. And when PATRIZIA Denmark makes new real estate investments, she assists in the setting up of bank accounts and bookkeeping systems, as well as reporting to the portfolio’s fund manager. When properties are sold, she is responsible for preparing all the relevant accounting documentation. Many of her regular duties involve working together with external auditors and lawyers.

Louise also uses her many years’ experience within property administration to develop and update existing procedures at PATRIZIA Denmark on a regular basis. As a new employee, she was asked to review several administrative procedures with fresh eyes and believes that her colleagues are extremely receptive to new ideas.

There’s excellent cooperation across the departments, because we’re a small business in which we all depend on each other.